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Founded and Built by Industry Experts

When our Founder and CEO, decided to bring a unique property investment approach to the UK, he turned to the close-knit network of industry experts he’d established over three decades in London property development.

He handpicked a team that would take the Texmoore strategy to the market, that would thrive and energise the traditional and rigid construction industry.

We began trading in our UK office in April 2013. The founding team had extensive experience, focussing on investment analysis, financial and management accounting, legal construction law and operations, along with decades of first hand practise in the construction industry within residential and commercial developments.  Texmoore was open for business and ready to take on the construction world.

Within three months, we launched our first projects and immediately found huge appetite for investment in our developments, and in our greater vision and ambitions. We raised our initial equity almost instantaneously and have gone from strength to strength since then.

Probably the defining reason why I joined Texmoore was the energy that the senior management team had for the growth and passion of our company. This along with the business model and ethical approach to development was what genuinely stood out for me. The CEO and executives really aspire to create a principled company and develop the business the right way. They always wanted to pioneer new segments of the market, using modern approaches, but combine their expertise with honesty and integrity.

Chief Financial Officer, Texmoore Ltd

An Exclusive Road to Property Investment

We completed our first UK funding round in late 2014, and it was at this time we began to see rapid growth in the demand for our real estate product.  We moved to larger premises and our business approach and development model began gaining traction.  This momentum continued from then on, and we focussed on our particular niche of expertise by specialising in student and social housing as well as traditional commercial and residential sectors. 

From 2016, we were going from strength to strength. Our business model maintains a target client base for the Texmoore products involving significant numbers of students and social / affordable housing tenants.  It means that our business is robust in any down periods of the economy. As concerns around Brexit seemed to hamper the property sector in general, Texmoore was relatively insulated from these concerns, as demand for our properties actually increase in times of financial crisis. 

As a result, we were able to take advantage of stagnated property prices and raise funds even more cost effectively than before. A year later, we took the bold initiative to enable retail clients to become stakeholders in the company and our futures. We actually enjoy involving everyday people in our mission and we successfully repaid a first funding round of £15 million to investors earlier this year.

Texmoore has always been a people and team driven business. We base our approach and character on always thinking in the interests of all of our stakeholders. Our strategy goes beyond the figures and the bottom line. It is focussed on everybody who has an involvement in the company – everyone is an individual here. And, focussing on the team actually enables stronger and more motivate performance and ultimately that’s reflected in profitability.

Head of People, Texmoore Ltd

Defensive Growth during times of Economic Uncertainty

You’ll now find a team of over 50 people at our head office and since our launch we have successfully committed hundreds of millions of pounds across dozens of UK developments. The gross development value exceeds a billion pounds.

We have adapted and developed our approach in line with prevailing and anticipated market conditions.

Throughout our entire life as a company, the political and economic landscape and changed so drastically.  The effects of policy and economic climate has influenced the real estate market and as a successful business, we grow with these external changes.  Outsiders might consider us fortunate that our speciality is harnessed around Homes of Multiple occupancy, both in student accommodation and social housing.  These segments are both in supply deficit, so they benefit from stable demand during economic prosperity and huge increases in demand during downturns.  However, it was by no coincidence that we evolved in this way.  The founding executives made crucial strategic decisions to mitigate and manage any risk factors affecting the company from the economy.  We have also broadened our geographical horizons and take advantage of the growth spots as they emerge, whilst always offering developments in our specialism.

The unique Texmoore approach has been adopted around the world, and was even featured on the news in Australia as they considered their social housing approach.  We have empowered stakeholders and shown they are right to keep faith in the property sector through a time of uncertain market conditions. Our methodology is always exit-orientated and focussed on realising value from developments with profitability being the primary objective.  Some of our retail clients began with as little as £20,000 invested, and it gives us great pleasure to be able to reward their contribution with consistent returns that are higher and more consistent than most traditional investments.

Our keen focus was initially on London locations which have had usually had stronger growth and more price resilience than other parts of the UK. However, our aim was always to grow beyond this and expand into the regional hotspots. The British property market continuously evolves and reacts to the wider economy and financial markets. Now, some of the most exciting growth areas are far away from the capital. Our Texmoore analysts use their razor sharp market focus along with their excellent knowledge and coverage of the industry to understand the changing consumer demand patterns. It enables us to stay one step ahead, and offer profit generating projects to the benefit of our investors and business.

CEO, Texmoore Ltd
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