Relationship Management

Offering Our Funding Stakeholdes Complete Support

Every single funding partner of Texmoore is fully supported throughout their journey with us.  Our Investor Relations team is a dedicated department set up solely to offer comprehensive support for all stakeholders regardless of whether they are individual investors or large institutions.  Each stakeholder is assigned to a Client Relations Manager (CRM) for the duration of their time with us.

Our CRMs are trained in our business model, company background and are regularly updated with the developments we are involved in and considering.  They are knowledgeable about each of the products that we offer to clients and are in a position to give you feedback throughout the investment process.

Honesty, Openness and Outstanding Client Service

We provide our stakeholders with complete clarity throughout their investment journey. Our CRMs are a familiar point of contact for every client.  They are there specifically to help stakeholders, offer support and deliver outstanding customer service. As well as providing information on the legal, financial and practical aspects of property development investing, CRMs ensure everyone involved in our project is updated with the outcome of our meticulous due diligence, company reports and projections. People can ask as many questions as they want to gain a complete understanding of the product that we offer; CRMs will go the extra mile to ensure funding partners remain well informed at every stage of the process.

Our team is trained to explain everything to potential clients regardless of their background in real estate. We describe it concisely and simply but offer total clarity on the company, our journey and the projects we are involved in. Whether you’re an experienced property expert or not, it’s always a plus to have people around you with specific industry expertise.

Client Relations Director, Texmoore Ltd

A Guiding Hand Through The Complexities Of Real Estate

At Texmoore, we have experts in place at every stage of the property development process to help transform investment potential into real returns for the company and our funders.  Our team are established professionals, each with their own track record of success.  They are specialists in their fields. And, every one of our portfolio managers, researchers, consultants, analysts, relationship managers and advisors is experienced, knowledgeable, reliable and passionate about property investment. Our CRMs provide our investors with all the necessary information they need to help them make their own informed investment decisions.

We have an ongoing commitment to our funding partners and are there to support them throughout their journey with us. We offer a continuing service and build personal, proactive relationships that you simply don’t see in the world of finance and property.

Client Relations Manager, Texmoore Ltd

Company, Development and Project Updates

We have a commitment to our clients: every property development we propose is one that we believe in. We have a team of analysts who conduct meticulous due diligence on the developer, the development itself, and the market in which it is being built. We maintain full oversight of each project, all the way through to exit. In addition, our stakeholders receive quarterly progress reports from our portfolio managers to keep them fully updated with information on the construction, sales and financial status of each development.

We are fortunate to have a large team of analysists who work with project managers. They regularly complete project revisions, reviews and updated projections. These in-depth updates on the progress of the project enables the investor relations team to be fully updated on our company journey so we can provide the best information to clients. We know that clear communication and transparency is critical to building trust.

Client Relations Manager, Texmoore Ltd
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