The Vision

It was never going to be a walk in the park. Building a successful company which is at the forefront of the industry, and embraces the virtues of decency, diligence and honesty is not an easy task, but these founding qualities are at the heart of everything we do.

Our expertise lies in our due diligence, risk analysis, meticulous planning and forecasting… this is are our skill set and is why we exist and thrive. It enables us to take a top down approach, to see macro market trends and then form project specific plans in a level of detail that is generally not possible elsewhere. Our approach enables us to consider individual developments but in the context of the wider economic environment. We use this approach to make our decisions on which opportunities to pursue and offer our stakeholders.

Our philosophy is also about exceeding expectations, to push ourselves individually and as the Texmoore team to grow and fulfil our development plans. When we select a development and make a plan, it is vital to do everything possible to maintain the desired quality, at the projected cost and within the anticipated time frames. In this way, we thrive profitably and protect our stakeholders. We always have the interests of our team in mind and ensure that our developer’s goals are achieved.

As a company we insist on complete clarity, ethics and transparency. Our culture is based on openness and helping each other to grow and accomplish our plans. These principles were instilled in the founding team and they have built a culture of trust, both between ourselves and the people we work with. Along with our analytical skills and construction acumen, we offer simplicity, openness and precision in everything we do.

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